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ANSWERED Red Bull Logo on SP1 Gates of Monument Valley


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Hi all,
I just installed the SP1 of Monument Valley (Thanks Franck !). Is there something with my installation because the "Red Bull" Gates don't look so much "Red Bull" compared to the preview screenshots and SP1 documentation ?


Did Orbx encountered some issue with the Red Bull logo ? Is it Prepar3D specific ?





No big deal but just want to know if I've made something wrong ;-)

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In FSX... is there LOGO RedBull ...    not in P3D (?? !!)


Yep. Exactly. That's my question.


Just checked the mission objects file in P3D and the Red Bull logo is removed (no missing textures), I can only assume it is intentional.


Shall I understand that you checked the P3D distribution package and the logo texture are lacking ? Is it normal ? Just a SP1 v1.0 and we may expect a SP1 v1.1 ? What's the next step ?

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Thanks Frank for the answer !


Just to clarify, shall I understand that you use a library (ORBXLIB ?) and the content of this is not the same on FSx and P3D ? Which explain that the P3D version of your SP1 doesn't include the Red Bull logo on pylons ? I believed that you design the pylon ;-)


Is that correct ?


If so, does Orbx expect to add the Logo (or whatever missing) in the P3D OrbxLib ?

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Hi Vincent,


The library of 3D objects is P3D (Lockheed Martin) ... ... no orbxlib, has nothing to do the Orbx..
It's  always necessary the permission to show a logo... and the LM  doesn't have permission, while FSX (MS) yes..
If you want the solution, only in private.

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