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FTX HD Trees... Performance gains quantified...

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Hi all...


You've all been informed that the upcoming HD trees will boost performance with regard to FPS, which is a welcome boost! 


However a lot of you (and myself included) are wondering what this means for the "other side" of flight sim performance, Virtual Address Space (VAS) usage. After all, if HD trees are 4x as detailed and the standard trees they replace, they must use more VAS, right?


Well, logically you might think so, but the good news is this is NOT the case with the optimized HD trees... Indeed it is slightly reversed and you should see a slight reduction in VAS usage! :)


The developers have used techniques to optimize the trees so not only will you get better trees to look at, you also get higher FPS and slightly lower VAS usage.



But don't take my word for it... I created some "before and after" previews to illustrate this change for the better.


For all these comparisons, I have used:


FSX - Steam Edition with DX10 on

All settings max (except water one setting lower, Texture setting of 2048, Mesh at 5m as per Orbx recommendations, Cloud view distance at 90 miles and traffic at 35%)

Active Sky Next live weather, multiple layer overcast conditions

REX4 Texture Direct and SoftClouds

High Definition aircraft (Alabeo Waco)

Increased LOD radius of 5.5

Orbx PNW (uses older style "default" trees with no special custom trees)


Location 1: Seattle Area, showing docks and downtown (high stress area)

Location 2: South of Eugene Oregon (lower stress area with variegated wooded areas)











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Wow, an extra 6 fps is almost worth it alone. Doesn't sound like much, but it'd make a huge difference in dense areas with low fps. As a side bonus, you get nicer trees :P
Hopefully the performance gains are relatively universal.

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Great news on VAS :) ...that was my only and major worry and its now put nicely to bed...Perfect job guys...and Great price for a world-over performance and quality-enhancing universal tree upgrade...They're such a profound and expansive part of sim scenery and now they're more realistic...Orbx just keeps on innovating :). Nothing to think about on this one...its a no brainer. No rush at all...be happy with it before release but credit card ready whenever you are guys...Thanks sooooo much!!! ::)

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How do you get this product? Has it been released yet?

Not yet, but all indications are its not far away now AdAstra. Welcome to the forums btw :) This one will be a must have addon for sure!

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ftx hd trees and north america lc will be my next puchase, i still wish some of the orbx developers would consider international airports again for the u.s. orbx airports look 10 times better than any other product out there,i would pay 50 bucks a pop for international airports for sure.or at least larger regional airports such as sanford international, its considered international but the size of a regional airports,i was hoping since florida was brought up, there are some neglected florida airports, indianapolis,Louisville metro,lexington kentucky airport is another international airport but more regional in size,dozens in the kentucky, tennessee area,many many people go to pigeon forge in tennessee to get married,the east coast mountains are as pretty as the west cost,and anything that raises frame rates i am all over.



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