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Presenting FTX KSQL San Carlos - City of Good Living.

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Hi everyone and welcome to KSQL San Carlos!


This project of mine has been brewing for some time and am very excited that we are close to release. 

Designed for FTX Northern California, KSQL is situated in the San Francisco Bay area. 
The airport sits in Silicon Valley and is located close to many IT companies, the most notable being Oracle. Given its proximity to the headquarters of Oracle, some have speculated that the airport code of SQL is a humorous reference. In fact the airport was SQL years before Software Development Laboratories became Oracle.
The airport is also home to the Hiller Aviation Museum. The museum specializes in the history of Northern California aircraft as well as helicopter history. The museum was founded by Stanley Hiller Jr., who designed the world's first successful coaxial helicopter and produced a working model at the age of 17. The museum uses aviation as a gateway for people to embrace adventure and innovation and to explore how the physical world works and how the dream of flight is made into reality.
KSQL is home to over 30 aviation related businesses. Facilities and FBOs at KSQL include: Rabbit Aviation Services, Surf Air, Zanette Aviation Insurance, West Valley Flying Club, Bel-Air International, Air West Aircraft Engines, Diamond Aviation, and the San Carlos Flight Center. 
Ideally situated in the Bay area, KSQL is the perfect starting place (or destination for that matter) of your day trips.
Scenery features:
Accurate representation of the airport
Large photoreal of the surrounding area including the salt marshes and evaporation ponds
Dozens of custom made landmarks, including the Oracle headquarters
Custom groundpoly - FSX and P3dV2 compliant
AO rendering and baking
Control Panel options for FTX NCA
Use of most Flow techniques
Expect to see more screenshots over the next few days as KSQL goes into its final rounds of testing.



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Good to see so much interest for NorCal.  A good choice as departing/arriving South over the bay to/from SQL is a feast for the eyes. Looking forward to it. I hope you can manage a good framerate so close to the SFO traffic though.

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Ed!  This is pretty sweet!


I remember JV saying that this was a project that you would be doing but that was so long ago quite honestly I'd forgotten about it.  Glad to see that it is well underway and looking good.


Incredible work, sir.  Thanks for the preview shots.  Very much looking forward to this one.



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