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ACTIVE Freeware develop, Library issues


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Hi all, I'm the CEO of AeroClub L'Aquila Virtual an Italian Virtual Fly Club inspired to the real one where I'm one of the pilots and also adviser. When the FTX library was free to use we start a project for the Italian airfields and LIAP airports. Gianluca Mastrascusa, the FTX LIRU developer, is in our staff and he is one of the staff members who collaborate that mentioned before. 

As we can read in the FTX support page: The Orbx libraries (Orbxlibs) are licensed for use ONLY with Orbx products licensed by our customers. Whilst they are freely distributed on this site and our forums it is for the support of our own products only. It is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN to modify, use, call GUIDs, reference, extract or in anyway make use of Orbxlibs in any software project be it freeware, donation ware or payware. Any mis-use of Orbxlibs will invoke legal action.


So we immediately removed all links of our work from the website. 


We spent a lot of time to plan a lot of Italian tours completely for free using your beautiful libraries. We are happy if FTX want to appreciate our work accepting a collaboration with us maybe sharing our airfields packet and also LIAP in the freeware scenery helping us to divulge the FTX verbs and don't trow in the rubbish all of our work. 


We can find together a peaceful settlement to solve this issue 




AeroClub L'Aquila Virtual

Francesco Filipponi

Presidente - CEO

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Hi Francesco, FTX libraries have never been free to use, this is obvious. The passage you have read in our forum is to reconfirm this concept for those people that in the past had wrongly thought it was. The good way to proceed, according to me, is to ask for first an authorization, then to develop a scenery using a non licensed material.

If you contact directly JV, he will know to give you all the information, also about a possible collaboration.

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Ciao Francesco,

It's not all doom and gloom, as Maurizio stated, please get in touch with John Venema and I'm positive that there will be a most amicable solution to the issue

on a personal note, having stayed in L'Aquila multiple times and knowing the city and it's surroundings, I would be very interested in acquiring good scenery for that beautiful part of your country

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Hello Francesco, I've received your email I will be in touch. Unfortunately though the use of our Orbxlibs is not allowed by any third parties at all. We can discuss if your freeware may possibly be published through Orbx though.

 Hi John, I heard about if from Andrea. So, we appreciate so much your kindness and we will send to you all the photos you need for it.

Thank you so much in advance!

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