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EU Norway My Final Shots.

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Well then chaps its that time again for you and the three words have appeared.


And im sure you will all be blown away by Team Holgers creation of EU Norway ive been flying around now for awhile and let me tell you its a corker with plenty to see and its there for Tube flyers and GA flyers you will have a ball, A BIG WELL DONE from Emmsie chaps on making this fantastic piece of work.


All Taken in FSX only.







































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cmd R for the macbook users...F5 will reduce the brightness of the screen and therefore reducing your chance to see it coming on line and thus saving you money.....waiting.....and JV, you hinted at NA LC still this year..........any more hints?  Regards to all


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Great shots Iain! I've been to Norway several times and it's a wonder of nature. See you sometime soon in FTX Norway! :)

PS: if some of you want to see some of REAL Norway, click on the Picasa link!


Thank you for sharing those pictures (BEAUTIFUL)... well appreciated. I don't know much about Norway. ORBX will help in that matter a bit like is did for NZ.


This one is my favorite:



Thanks a again!!!!



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Emmsie, you truly are the Master of the 'V' key! ::) I'm bowled over, again!


Huge thanks to you and all the photo guys for so many wonderful shots! You guys have posted some of the best and most beautiful shots I've ever seen, one or two even taken from boats...Wow! :smile: ...You've done a superb job of showcasing just what the Development team has really achieved here! Its obviously going to be a real Gem!


Your characteristic 'three word' shots are always such a great way to find out you've given us the green light to build up our anticipation. We're ready to join you in the skies above Norway! :smile:  :smile: :smile:  

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