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Adam Banks

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... or should I say Airbus[ted]? :lol:
For all those wanting to take a break from the Boeings, the Aerosoft Airbus(ses) are a welcome break - if not a challenge, doing things "the Airbus way"!
The new A/S A318/A319 is crammed full of features and nice touches. Just a quick couple of pics - more soon - I have to go through all 9 (that's NINE) User Manuals ;)
Climbing out of Luton (well ... Auckland, actually!):
Nice and clean ... we'll soon fix that :lol:
Any forum member that tries the [amazing] "Checklist" feature and selects UK/English will get a surprise bonus. Pilot and 1st Officer are none other than BobL and (Yours Truly) Adamski. So now you know what we sound like in RL :lol: :lol: :lol:
If you hate them (I mean us) you can always record/use your own!



P.S. Before anyone else mentions it, going into outside view will reveal that I've been "busted" and that I am, after all, a *woman*. Now you really can call me "Shirley" :lol: :lol: :lol:


P.P.S. I'm decidedly male in *RL* (well - last time I looked)!

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Great couple shots Adam. The Airbus cockpit is so clean and "organized" looking, it's very well laid out, especially around the PFD's and MFD's. I might have to pick this up as I fly with a stick anyways, however with my right hand. It must be kind of difficult using your left hand for the main control of the aircraft's flight surfaces if you are right handed. I wonder if it's hard for pilots to get used to...

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