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Welcome to the Pleasuredome...!


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OK, let´s go up the hills from Kokoda - but first let me dry the shirts of the backpackers here ...  >:D



First stop: Isurava. I am proud this landing worked on the first trial, though surrounded by trees.





I´ll need to come back with our friend Bob, just to check the sounds of this amazing place. And I am sure there will be a day & time when the sun sets directly in the axis of this monument...





Following the Kokoda track southwards... that looks like an abandoned airstrip to the right (near the village of Abuari) - which needs to be checked with a fixed wing AC sooner...



Here we are at the pleasuredome. Count the airstrips in the picture, I am sure I did not catch them all...



Off to Myola, for the necessary equipment change.



To be continued...  8)

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When I first saw your title Gerold , I thought it was a new Mel Gibson film . With Tina Turner doing the music :

Tho I was somewhat dissapointed , your fantastic shots made up for it . :o:D




Great set these Gerold.




Fantastic set Gerold!


Very interesting shots, sure looks challenging enough. And well done too!


Thanks for your comments, mates. I was really lucky to make the Isurava landing w/o getting in trouble with the trees.


Choice shots, enjoying the trip, I suspect its about to get dicey   8)


A well prepared suspicion. I am sure you have been checking the area more than once, twice, or whatever number I could guess.


Still have not found the monument myself - but these are some fine pics that will definitely get me going on my own attempt ;)




You make me kind of proud, Mallard: To make a discovery before you made it  ::) ... . Just follow the road from Kokoda, you will find it quickly.


Do not forget to use the opportunity for further reading, like http://www.dva.gov.au/commems_oawg/OAWG/war_memorials/overseas_memorials/png/Pages/isurava.aspx .

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Love the chopper landing at Isurava, not easy, I bent many during testing, try landing at the many villages along the track, they don't have runways or chopper pads but you can still weave you way in. Good luck and thanks for posting




Thanks Ken, like I said I was really happy to see that this copter landing worked so well on the first attempt, especially when I recognized the trees surrounding the place. It was much easier to land at some central places of the villages...  8)

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