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ANSWERED Double Koehlbrand bridge in Hamburg


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after adding the Koehlbrand bridge from the DEX landmarks package I have the same phenomenon in Hamburg that we know from the Sydney harbour bridge: A road on zero level under the bridge. Does someone know which file(s) to deactivate to overcome this?



PS: I forgot to add the coordinates into the screenie. You can find them here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C3%B6hlbrand_Bridge

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Hi Gerold,

try and disable the bridges in the Vector CP and see if that resolves your issue


Hallo Wolter,


it works: I had to disable the first 3 categories of bridges (2 were not enough), and now a number of bridges are not existing. I will have to see if I can leave this as default, or if I will have to play with it, according to personal preferences.





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Hi Gerold,


glad to hear that it resolved your issue ..................... partially 


there need to be files adapted to exclude Vector bridges to be active where already bridges exists in fsX/ P3D, this means that for every individual scenery with modeled bridges this must be done, not a feeble job.


Not sure who's going to do that, I can't as I wouldn't know where to start

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