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Open LC EU around Alicante Spain.

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Light years beyond default, or anything else for that matter. The way you guys deal with the textures looks so much more natural than any of the photo-paste scenery I have seen. Now if I can just find that perfect sky set. :)

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Thank you for the comments chaps early rise this morning around 05.30 to start some previews there will be more as the day goes on.




Oh my!!!  :o  :smile:


Well well Iain! You've really gone and done it this time...I don't know which one of your many amazing screenshot posts from the last couple of days to comment on?! They're all just out of this world!!!  :D Or should I be saying, they're actually in this world?


Your dedication never ceases to amaze me! I can't believe you got up at 5.30 yesterday morning and have since just been pummelling us with a myriad of such beauties! I seem to remember a while back, you got up at 5.30 on another day in order to post us some shots before then going to work and coming back to post us some more. I hope you weren't on call that day...That would be a killer and a practically superhuman feat!  :o  Good on you Sir! Thank you so so much for such a diverse range of beautiful vistas from all over the continent! I'm loving them all so much too!


This latest series of shots from your travels around Europe these past couple of days are probably the best yet! I could never have expected things to be done to such a high standard and so beautifully. Everywhere just looks so stunningly, 'mouthwateringly', uniquely, gorgeous and just oozes with invitation to explore every inch of every last corner of Europe to see what it all looks like and what's where!  :smile: And boy have you taken the snaps that tease the eyes so intensely! 


I mean, there's more here than I think many of us could ever have dreamed of...Who could look at all those awesome Mediterranean houses with swimming pools and not be surprised and flabbergasted...Are they all over the Med? Greece, Italy, Cypress etc? Just that one single feature has so much impact on realism and immersion compared to anything we've ever known in the sim before! Swimming pools, for heaven's sake! Wow! Putting features like that was ingenious, whoever came up with that idea...It sounds easy to think of such a thing but sometimes the most obvious things in front of our eyes are the hardest things to actually notice and not simply look past and actually think, "wait, we should implement these in the sim...". Genius...That one caught me totally unaware...cool! You're other shots showing the flower fields of Tulips and lavender in Holland and gorgeous vineyards in places like France have exactly the same impact of realism and immersion on my eyes! All that these shots shout out at one is, come and see what's here! Go and see what's there! And that's just what I had wished for from this product! These magical shots just surpass all my expectations and hopes for what an OpenLC Continent should look like to really take us to a whole new world! Its far exceeded that! I totally believe you 100% when you say we're going to love this product! Thank you so much for what you have done these past couple of days! And thank you to each and every member of the OpenLC team who has contributed to give their best to this first OpenLC product! Its so damn evident and that kind of dedication and passion always stands out high above anything else...and its plain to see all over the place here...there's been no skimping anywhere and I hope the team are really really proud of what they've achieved. Its so fabulous to see such a wonderful communal sense of excitement, anticipation and happiness in the air around this release period...It reminds me of the days leading up to the release of Global...Only this will change things even more than that...Much much more! The hard work has been put in, the feedback has been listened to so astoundingly well but with good balance and trust in all the great local research by the team itself, the credit cards are at the ready, the hard drive space is being made ready by all...We can all feel it and its a great feeling...Won't be long before the whistle blows now... :D


You all really have done yourselves proud, and us too! We are finally about to receive some scenery in our simulated world that is actually interesting and inviting! Its more than that...its a hell of a work of art! You, Rob, Frank nand others have done a wonderful job of showing us that...and I do thank them for their really helpful, stunning and atmospheric screenshots too! Thank you all sincerely, and not least JV for having the initial vision, making all the right decisions to deliver the best possible product and the patience and trust to see it through to this astonishing level of sheer quality! Oh my!  :o  :smile:  ::)


The skies of Europe will be pretty busy fairly soon, once all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed... :D

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Well then Sid I really Thank you for this post, The whole Team will be real happy with what you have said mate they are the ones who do all the very hard work in bringing these products to us all to enjoy and are working full chat on this one at the moment. I only do the easy part in showing the previews to you all here and im glad you all enjoy looking at them since I came across Orbx nearly six years ago I became hooked and its been a fantastic time indeed since then watching all the new products that have come along and many many more to come in the future. Its become a big part of my life here for sure.



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Indeed Iain! I can see that and its a wonderful thing to see!  ::)


You really are very fortunate to have discovered Orbx so long ago Iain...Why, unfortunately, I actually left FSX for a while because I got bored of a lack of enough realism and immersion in it...I only came back when I learned of even the existence of Orbx by chance a couple of years ago...And boy are you right about one thing...when you discover it, you really are hooked, aren't you, and its single-handedly Orbx that brought me straight back into the hobby with more passion than ever...And that is something I don't forget and respect. The funny thing is that if only I had known of Orbx's existence back then, that there was a company out there that took the hobby to the level that I had always wanted in a simulator, I wouldn't have even taken time out in the first place... :lol:...Well, I suppose that wasn't the only reason I had to take a timeout...there were some real-life and career factors that contributed a little too but I do wish I'd known of the company and what it does for flight simulation even half as long as you have.


You are too modest Iain...You take more than a few shots and with such talent of showcasing all the sceneries with such a sense of atmosphere and ambience of any particular destination...I would say, you may say it is easy...but I don't believe that is so easy to achieve and display some really great artistic and photographic sense and skills of your own...Many of us can see that very clearly and love seeing the 'Iain' 'v' keys and shots! Even more so...the "My last shots"...they've become infamous across the net... :D So, you see, you all play a key role in bringing us Orbx...


But also, yes, as you say, not to take anything away from the team at all either. Equally, what they have accomplished here is almost unbelievable...I have no idea how a group of people can create such wonders...It beggars belief that such a huge area as a whole continent can be made to look like this...Its taken 2 years of some serious research and development and undoubtedly pain-staking work and I still could not have believed that it could have been done this beautifully and accurately...I really hope that the team is feeling very, very happy as they so deserve it. They really do! And I really do hope they're not feeling too much pressure from our excitement and anticipation as we all do understand and undoubtedly know that they're really working hammer and tongs to finish it properly, and no-one would want anything else for them...and especially after coming this far, they deserve a pressure-free enjoyable finishing-up few days/period. We all know that it won't be long at all now so they should feel free to do what they need to after coming so far so that all goes smoothly on release day...We know its soon and we need to remain patient. I find the best way is to think of how much respect I have for the sheer incredible levels of stamina, perseverance, patience, and resilience in setting and maintaining such high standards and goals in this massive project! So they deserve for the completed project to be the creation they want it to be they deserve a few days of peace and freedom to do whatever they need to do with the same exemplary ethic they have shown all the way through! And, anyway, that's all the more reason to appreciate you and your work even more...You and your shots keep us smiling all the way there! So, even though you are so modest...and the team is also very modest, we are very impressed, very grateful for all your talents and proud of what feats can be achieved by the talented folks in this company!  :smile: I really do hope they feel really good and really proud right now!


It is now a fantastic time for us watching you show us all the products that have come along and all the surely great, great products yet to come...they just keep getting better...and so do all the fresh ideas constantly evolving! I know what you mean, It is indeed very nice to witness all this evolve and grow! After nearly 6 years, it must be even more incredible for you! I'm very happy for you in all the enjoyment its given you...


All the very best to you Iain...Just keep doing what you do Sir! We're enjoying the show  ::)

Best regards,


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These are great shots! If only some developers would actually make some good payware airports for Spain in FSX. Of course there is Barcelona, Madrid and Mallorca etc. from Aerosoft but all rather old now. Would be great to see someone think about the busy airports in Spain....Alicante....Malaga...Valencia...Bilbao....etc.!


Hint, hint ORBX 8)

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airports appart from Barajas, Prat and Mallorca:


Alicante: http://www.eiresim.com/leal.html

Bilbao: http://secure.simmarket.com/tropicalsim-bilbao-airport_lebb.phtml

(free) Valencia, Jerez, Foronda, Lleida: http://akesoft.es/index.php/downloads

(free) Asturias & Santander: http://www.alairvirtual.es/index.php?option=escenario&titulo=Escenarios

(free) Torrejon (LEMD has problems in ground texture. Disable this scenary if not using it): http://www.ala12.com/index.php/foro/8-121-escuadron-fs/1354-ala12v-torrejon-ab

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