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used up all my activations for fsx acceleration?


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Hi guys ,

Just got my new pc and re installing fsx, got that activated and then installing fsx acceleration

but it says I have acceded my amount of attempts to activate acceleration , I have 3 lots of fsx gold / deluxe editions that I've bought over the years..


any ideas? I saw that you can ring them , there is an aussie number but would any one be there now??


no ideas.. sorry if this has been done already..




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yeah just did all that , gave them all the install id's and they said that the activation is no good.. 

looks like a trip to eb games tomorrow.. another copy of fsx.. bummer..

do you need to activate acceleration ?? 

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If you want to try something before spending money on another copy, shoot an email to microsoftflight@microsoft.com. I know its the support email for MS Flight and not FSX, but it should go to the same person, USN Saint who does the support for FSX, Flight and Age of Empires Online. He is very helpful and should be able to get you sorted out, he's helped me and a lot of other members in the multiplayer community I am a part of, definitely recommend giving him a shout before spending money on another license.

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ok I've emailed microsoftflight@microsoft.com, will see how it goes




my new pc has an NVIDIA Geforce GT620 2 gig dedicated graphics card

and my laptop has an NVIDIA Geforce Gt 740 M grapchis card



the laptop does run fsx better,,and that I had activated...


I might give p3d  a go on the pc..... 

this is my new pc, as a replacement for the old one ...



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Milo the 620 is no good for fsx or p3d as its only meant for office type work and internet browsing, your laptop will still run fsx better as the 740M is a more powerful card


p.s. the S on your cpu means Small Form Factor as that cpu is a low power version of the 4770K and might not have any overclock ability as its all probably locked away

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I know pc hardware does cost a little extra down under ( well i heard it does ) but with better graphics card it should be great for P3D and good for fsx, you S version cpu benchmarks about the same as the 3770K so its not all bad and you should still see some good cpu performance at stock levels in fsx and p3d.


If you have the budget to buy a better graphics card i feel you should be looking at a GTX670 or GTX760 as a minimum as both will perform quite well in P3D and FSX.


If it helps, if you got a GTX760 your pc would perform better than mine at stock speeds in P3D and FSX but i would only have the edge in FSX due to my overclock as overclocking in P3D has a smaller impact on the fps if any, I have tried stock and at 4.4ghz and i cant really notice the difference on v2.2.


The S version cpu while it does have a slower non turbo clock speed it will run with less heat which means less noise so if it has a good heatsink on there or you put one on there it should do really well at maintaining its turbo clock speeds.


Also on the activation issue, dont mix up the product codes as you cant use a deluxe code on the gold edition.

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thanks guys, also can you use FSUIPC in p3d? 


this one like your talking about Paul ?





Yep they are the ones and they work really well with P3D as that is more GPU based, the one i have with my cpu stock in P3D i can sit at most airports like the Free version UK2000 EGKK ( which can be fps heavy in fsx ) in the Aerosoft Airbus 321/320 with 40ish fps even with some AI traffic. I have the EVGA version of the 760 but im not sure if its the ACX or Superclocked ACX version.

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