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Taking the bus

Adam Banks

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After my recent Boeing revisits, I thought I'd re-acquaint myself with the Airbus way of doing things - not forgetting that the most commonly recorded comment in the cockpit is "What's it doing now?" :lol:

This is the Aerosoft Airbus Extended ... beautifully modelled and loaded with functionality. It's a handsome aircraft.




All my training was done with short(ish) hops from NZAA to NZWN, so here's ORBX Manukau Harbour again!


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Thanks for the kind comments, folks!

There's actually a bit of a story to this! I bought it and installed it - but when I went to check my orders at Aerosoft, I found I'd already bought it a year ago!!! In my latest FSX re-install, I'd somehow forgotten to add the A320.

So ... I emailed Aerosoft, telling them that I was a senile idiot and could they credit me against a future Aerosoft product. They kindly just paid the sum back into my Paypal account. Now that's what I call service!

I went shopping again - and got the T-38 Talon, because Chuck Yeager (I think) said it was the best aircraft he'd ever flown. Watch this space for more screenies of *that* one! I'll have to re-enable ORBX NCA ...

BTW: The AS A320 Ext rivals the NGX in terms of functionality - I love it!

Here's a postscript:



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