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First day of Open LC Europe testing

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Just a couple of comparisons in FSX with the new upcoming scenery addon.   I'm running BASE + VECTOR + openLC + FSGlobal2010.  Weather is default FSX.  Right now we have the Scandinavia region, with others to follow.   If you'd like a shot of a specific part of Scandinavia let me know.   So far my jaw is still on the table at seeing the difference Open LC is making, especially combined with the other 3 layers.  Kudos to the developers and to ORBX for their vision of a new world in flight simulation for us all!


First is EFHF= Malmi in Finland


Default LC



With Open LC Europe active:



Now to add a couple of night shots from the same spot above EFHF


1st is default LC



2nd is with OpenLC EU




Now EFMA Mariehamn


Default LC



With Open LC Europe


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