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openLC Europe... Some before and after shots...

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Hi all...


Now that us testers have gotten our grubby little paws on the first section  of OpenLC Europe (The first part being Scandinavia), we can finally show you some before and after shots.


Remember, Open LC is designed as the "final piece" of the FTX Global world... With FTX Global Base, FTX Global Vector and FSGlobal 2010 making up the remaining elements of the Flight Simulator Scenery layer cake (see here: http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/74347-the-definitive-guide-to-ftx-products-the-go-to-source-of-ftx-information/ )


All these shots are taken within FSX, running DX9 and FTX Global Base, FTX Global Vector and FSGlobal 2010 installed. Also installed is REX Texture Direct and Opus for weather. No post screen capture editing has been performed... This is exactly as it is in the sim.



All the shots are taken around the Oslo Gardermoen area.



First, a 2 shot comparison showing the default landclass vs OpenLC landclass, by the airport... Note the OpenLC shot not only has better variety of textures and more accurate placement, it also reveals towns and villages that default Landclass simply did not have...








Next up, a high altitude (25,000ft) comparison of the extended region... You can still see Oslo airport in the shot. This highlights the use of textures and Landclass that eliminates the repeating patterns present and most noticeable at high altitudes in almost all default landclass. While it's not possible to completely eliminate repetition, I think these two shots say it all :)







Finally, just a quick comparison between the seasons... Here we have Spring, Summer and Fall/Winter/Hard Winter (Scandinavia is a snowy place ;) )










It's early days yet, but things seem to be shaping up very nicely... The difference between the default landclass and OpenLC is sometimes quite astounding and makes you realize just how much you were missing... Stay tuned for more previews...



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Damn, this is some impressive shots.  These teasers are insane, it forces me to ask, "are we there yet, and when is it releasing"


Thank You, please keep on with Screenshots.


Request - may I see Paris and or/ Amsterdam screenshots with comparison (with LC and without LC).



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I think that this is going to be a seriously good release, am waiting as patiently as one can be, I have heard it said before that good things often take a little bit longer to be just right, and I am good with that, as Airwolf said " Damn, these teasers are insane "




John MD

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