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KSFO Arrival

kiwi stu

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Click on images to enlarge.
This area brings my system to its knees..much like Brisbane or Melbourne.
Still flyable and  made it in with no major stutters..but on my system with an airliner it will be best to be a departure area.
Just too much going on here for my system i feel,even with lots of stuff turned off.
Cheers Stu

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Very nice Stu.


Is that the Quality Wings version of that aircraft or the Just Flight?

Hey Jocko

It's the Quality Wings package with RJ and BAE146.Been flying it for over a year now and I love it.I stick to the RJ variant as I read the manual and know all the systems..can even auto land it..it's great

Cheers stu

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Thanks for the info Stu, I've been thinking of buying it and it's next on my list. I purchased the Just Flight version when it was on sale for 8$ about a year ago, but it has no FMC and is quite lacking in systems coding. The addon FMC they do sell for it is a very bad FSX GPS version.



Cheers. :)

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