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Prepar3D V2 previews: 11S Sekiu

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OMG... soooon! Since I moved to P3D my list is getting longer and longer... Canberra, Bathurst, Bozeman, Kenai, Vernonia, Sekiu. Please don't let Squamish or Yakutat enter that list. I really hope that February gets as expensive as hell for me :D

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Are those treeshadows generated by p3d? Or are they baked-in?

If generated by p3d, is that with shadows "cast" ánd "receive" for trees and such switched-on?

The shadows súddenly make the trees much more impressive, and orbx trees alréady were sublime...

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With regard to shadows

Autogen trees = only autogen I vegetation, depending on p3d setting, the area displaying shadows is controlled by the shadows quality, ultra shows widest area, all autogen will show shadows if in this area.

Autogen Buildings work the same

Tricky one is the objects, that includes any models, wether it's vegetation,buildings, or clutter including the grasses. If the model has been tagged with no shadow in its material settings, it will not display a shadow, you can override this by ticking the override no shadow box in the settings

To see an airport at its best include objects receive shadows in your settings, that way all models will have dynamic shadows, including people, Jorge is updating all the people flow to work in p3d.

Should add that extra immersion .

Hope this helps



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