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11S Sekiu, Summer, Spring,Fall.

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Great shots Iain.


Misha this is a great chunk of scenery that will be a must for me to get BUT I still say exchanging most of those sailboats for 35' charter fishing boats would make it look more like Sekiu to me. Although I have to admit I haven't actually been to Sekiu in probably 35 years. I can't exactly claim to be an expert on current day Sekiu.


If I could afford to live whereever I wished I would be in Port Angeles. Sekiu gets me kind of "in the neighborhood". PA is done "fairly well" in the basic PNW package so the addition of Sekiu will make for great flying between it, PA, Port Townsend (Jefferson County-0S9), and Diamond Point. So I look forward to this regardless of what kind of boats are in the marina.


Thanks guys! :)


Tom Wunder


(PS - Actually Port Angeles is done quite well in the basic PNW. An enhanced version would be IMO a great addition to the FTX world but the one already provided is enjoyable to use.)

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Hello Misha,


I see that Sekiu is currently highlighted in the number one slot on the new products row. I think I'll wait a few days to see if Northern California & Half Moon Bay become available. My wife tends to notice the number of purchases I make more than she does the number of items I buy. So maybe I can limit the number of times I get yelled at.


If you can make some of the boats look more like 35' sports fisherman type charter fishing craft that would make it a bit more realistic for me. If it is more realistic to you and your many other customers the way it is then I can live with that too.


Thanks for making such pretty scenery! :)


Tom Wunder

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