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Welcome to Columbia County: Introducing 05S Vernonia Municipal

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Hello everyone,


I am proud to present my first major Orbx project, 05S Vernonia Municipal Airport in Oregon, PNW.

05S is a turf runway airport with a runway length of 896m, so plenty of length to come to a steady stop. However, the airports location is quite unique and challenging, sitting in a 'bowl' in the terrain, with both ends of the runway met immediately by hills :)


The scenery features brand new, high performance vegetation and grass modelled from real pictures taken by me, which gives the airfield enormous charm and character, especially while taxiing around.

All airport buildings feature advanced shadow and ambient occlusion rendering techniques, resulting in a very realistic appearance.


Please note that these shots are pre-beta and do not represent the final product.








Coverage area


The scenery covers a very large, fully autogenned area, including the surrounding clear cuts and valleys, the entire township of Vernonia, and a very challenging bonus airfield, 30OR Bero Field, a few miles south. This is all represented in beautiful, crisp 30cm and 60cm imagery.








Enjoy the rest of the previews :)







































Cheers, Misha

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Its fields like these in that area of the US that reminds me of what GeoRender had started way back in the day. Its nice to see that concept of small fields like these being represented. Great work and if it can work in DX10 then I'm a future buyer of it.

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