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FTX EU Scotland, around Edinburgh.

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Great shots there Iain; it's not a bad representation of Edinburgh!


One of my dogs decided to give me the finger once whilst walking around Arthur's Seat!!


Little bugger he was :D


That part of the scenery looks pretty darn good!!


Some of the lowlands or highlands would be lovely :P


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Looking forward to this one 8) . A couple of questions, will the Shetland Islands also be covered? And I have Aerosoft Barra airport(Dangerous airports vol1), can I use this addon with FTX Scotland(that would be nice)?

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Those screenies look great, Scotland was always going to be a 'must have' for me.

This year is shaping up very well indeed: Scotland, FTX Global AND the upcoming A2A Cessna - AWESOME year ahead :)

Does anyone know which England airports got the 'thumbs up' after the survey?

If EGSC is on the list and with all the above scenery - HEAVEN

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That's a very good looking rendition of Edinburgh. I think it's a good move to include photorealistic cities with full autogen for places like Scotland, instead of airports that have already been covered by other developers.

Perhaps there's also a market for addon packs to FTX regions for other significant photorealistic cities like that to upgrade generic builtup textures for real ones? I would certainly buy any UK products.

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FTX Global won't do justice to any area of the world like our regions do, there is just no comparison.


For those who are potentially sitting on the fence about the UK regions here is what they include which FTX Global does *not* include:


  • Custom hand-made landclass for every square kilometre

  • Unique textures based on aerial imagery over Scotland, Wales, England

  • Accurate roads, road skirtings, roundabouts, motorways with traffic

  • Accurate coastlines, rivers, in some places rocky shores, beaches, fish farms, mudflats and shallow water textures

  • Accurate placement of cities, towns, villages, industrial estates, fields, crops, heathlands, highlands

  • Custom POI models like castles, stadiums, highrise council estates, railway stations, bridges

  • Railway lines and bridges

  • Bridges added across rivers and water bodies

  • Details like docks and wharfs which are photoreal in places like Endiburgh and Southampton

  • Upgraded airports for every FSX IACO airport including grass, PeopleFlow, static aircraft, correctly placed hangars, clutter objects

  • Power line towers and forest cutouts for them

  • Lighthouses accurately placed

  • Power stations, animated wind farms

  • Polygon landclass areas to accurate depict forest cutbacks, and most <1km areas for villages, forests, crops, urban features

  • Night lighting which works for dawn/dusk/night with a control panel to choose custom light fx and sizes

  • And a whole lot more ..

You simply won't see any of that with FTX Global, and we've never advertised it as doing anything more than providing FTX textures and basic night lighting for the whole world. To expect something like FTX EU SCO Scotland from FTX Global is a false hope which will leave you disappointed.

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Ok, fair enough. Thank you for this clarification. I actually was not expecting to have something identical with FTX Global in Scotland, but I was not sure about how many things are acutally improved for the specific regions like FTX Scotland. Now I understand 8)

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