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FTX Global around KLAX Los Angeles.

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Awesome pictures, but why so dark? It´s sunny California, it´s not that dark over there! 


I´ve noticed this on all ORBX scenery, way, way too dark and gloomy, what can be done to correct this?


Hi Alex,


fortunately this dark and gloomy look has nothing to do with the ORBX-scenery! ORBX-testers and their big boss love to use ENBmod for screenshots and this is how pictures look with ENB.

But it is all a question of taste...




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It's been all said before about the install size. Please check the release announcements, but let me elaborate:


You will need about 9GB free after install and about 20GB before install if you download the FSS wrapper ZIP to the same drive as the FSX/P3D drive.


5GB - downloaded FSS ZIP

5GB - Extraction space for FSS unwrapper for the Orbx installer

9GB - HD space in your FSX/P3D folder




If you save the ZIP to a non FSX/P3D drive then you will only need 9GB of free space on the sim drive.

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This might be a bit trivial, but I didn't see any palm trees in the pictures. Can't imagine LA without them. Will having UTX as the landclass program in this area take care of that. If not, it's not a big deal as there are a bunch with the FSDT KLAX scenery but was just curious. The rest of it looks really good as it captures the look and feel of LA nicely.

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