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ANSWERED Bowerman airport- questions

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I was wondering if I could download Bowerman airport with having to buy the FTX Pacific Northwest package. I was thinking about this because I am not going to download too many airports and did not want to have to buy surrounding scenery for each one.

BTW, my only ground/terrain addons are GEX NA and Europe, I do not own UTX or FSglobal

Thanks in advance,


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But isn't the demo for a limited time, as in, it returns back to the normal scenery after several minutes or so. But one of the other main reasons I don't want to have to download Pacific Northwest is because I don't want to have to do the FTX switch whenever I fly there and turn it off whenever I don't. So is there any way I can download JUST Bowerman.

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Then don't download the demo.  By the way it does not "switch off".  Without the demo Bowerman will not look "right" I'm afraid because it was designed with FSX PNW scenery area and without the area or at least the demo it kind of like owning a Corvette with a VW engine, it will get you there but you wont be happy about it.

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Alright, well, I gues I"ll just go ahead and just buy the Pacific Northwest package as well :)


Good decision. It looks so great, and will give you hours of joyful (bush) flying. It was my first ORBX scenery also, after being fascinated by the Olympic island/Bowerman demo, and I am still fascinated again when I return there.


Let me give you 2 hints:

1. get all the freeware airports for PNW here: http://fullterrain.com/freeware.html

2. Just don´t be confused with heavy settings downtown Seattle. That city is a frame-eater for everyone.



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Does each freeware airport have its own demo scenery that people can download so they can just have the airport, or is Bowerman the only one?

NOPE! airports are developed using ORBX scenery areas and you need the area to display the airport without anomalies.  No ORBX area installed then not much reason to get the airport.

If you want the most realistic scenery available for FSX your going to have to dig in your pocket a little bit.

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Oh, and one last question, I see that Jackson Hole airport has its own coverage map in the screenshot section. Does this mean that it does not need the central Rockies region as well or does it still require it?


G'day John,


Jackson Hole is designed to work with the Central Rockies region, and as mentioned here it will work without, but with some fall-backs:


1. Not blended to surrounding terrain

2. Road AI Traffic will not display correctly

3. Possible elevation issues at the airport

4. Missing out on the custom FTX autogen building and vegetation textures. 


So in short, whilst you can use the airport without the CRM region, we strongly recommend you do to get the best out of KJAC (plus, you have a huge region of scenery to explore!). 




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