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CBB7 Tipella BC, Canada Freeware Previews

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Tipella, BC Canada is located in the quiet backwaters of the Pacific Northwest. In the early days over 3000 miners and fortune seekers made their way to Little Tipella Creek on Harrison Lake in search of the elusive, noble metal. In the early 1900's real estate developers speculated on the land itself, but the venture failed and the area was eventually transformed into a logging camp that still operates today. ORBX has  created Tipella CBB7 for those who wish to experience the sense of romance and adventure that makes this area a bush pilots favorite.


Tipella CBB7 is a challenging little grass & gravel strip that bush pilots will love. Approaches require skill  and knowledge of the terrain, weather and winds. A successful first attempt is rare and a few go-arounds are more likely than not.


ORBX will be releasing CBB7 as a freeware add on for everyone's enjoyment, but this little backwater strip should prove to be a special treat for PNW bush aviation enthusiasts and those who love float planes adventures.


Screens from the devs desk.



Welcome to CBB7 Tipella, BC Canada



view from the hangar dock at water level, sunset



looking east at the work shacks and service hangar



the "Goose" in the service hangar area looking towards the log pens



runway view looking towards Harrison Lake



just off the west end of the runway, the view of Little Tipella Creek



at the shoreline looking towards the work shacks



one of the interactive hangars at Tipella, this hangar features a "hard" platform.

you can populate from here via the FSX free flight menu or taxi up at the end of your flight. refueling triggers are inside or at the fuel dock



looking towards the log boom and Tipella Camp



the service area in afternoon light



one of the work shacks with animated "beer guy" and chimney smoke



night ambiance with abundant lighting enhancements



the strip is lined with trees on all sides and requires a well executed approach



from the strip, looking towards Tipella Camp. this is a full time logging area



taxing up to the service dock in the evening. CBB7 is full of light



ramp parking, Tipella style



evening lighting looking towards the service hangar



looking back towards the service dock from the work shack



water grasses and afternoon lighting on moving water



"beer thirty" on Harrison Lake, Tipella



looking west from the departure area



the view of Tipella Camp and Harrison Lake from the runway



looking down on the log boom and pens



the log ladders



departing Tipella at night. the Goose is fueled, serviced and loading its passengers... pre-flight complete you can warm up on the ramp and ease down the ramp for a smooth water departure



departing via the water runway...kind of reminds me of that scene in "Casablanca"









all screenshots are un-retouched FSX captures:

Photos courtesy of "Bob"

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    Gordon, are you from BC?, cause it looks like it.  The grass, weeds, and bush are impressive, but boy do they look good on the water.  If you've spent any time on a lake in BC you know that there are weeds a grass in the water. Impressive.

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I know somebody named Stig in this forum is going think he died and went to heaven when he see's this new Orbx jewel .

And for me my C.C. Is very near and waiting to purchase this one .



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    Gordon, are you from BC?, cause it looks like it.  The grass, weeds, and bush are impressive, but boy do they look good on the water.  If you've spent any time on a lake in BC you know that there are weeds a grass in the water. Impressive.

I'm not from BC, but I spend a fair share of my time in a float tube in the Sierra Nevada high lakes around Mammoth Lakes, CA where I have the privilege of residing. I've had so many incredible views kicking in and out of the grasses and stumps that this aspect of the design was just second nature. Thank you all so much for your incredible support and kind comments.


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I can't believe this scenery. It's going to be wonderful to fly in there. I got used to do the landings in Tipella using the standard FSX airport. Now I see THIS! And it's true it's a challenging airport.

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I have to say...What a supprice it is.... In the most crowded and most quality minded area, in ORBx history!  Its a BIG acivement to try to make even, or be better, than the

other artists in that area.,. (i know, it isent a competition) ???

Congratulation with your, beautiful Creation..... PASSED+1, that would  be my homble opinion. :smile: 

Just a thourgt: if u could "trick" one or to ( those with a wheelchair or at least old) ORBx creators to do some SOUND also, Birds a such...???::) 

Best regards


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What a way to start a day -wake up check the emails and forum and this !!.

Looking excellent , thank you very much Gordon, beautiful piece of work.

Also like how your sim is set up , great water and clouds , very nice.

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