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Another weather engine

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Is this advertizing a product here ?

I don't really think it's an ad for a product but rather a means of gathering feedback to see if anyone else has heard of it or has experience with it. Personally I like Hanse Coders Fsreal Wx together with REX. It seems to give me the most realistic real world weather and cloud formations. It is the ONLY weather engine that I have to pay attention to icing conditons with. Unless I'm doing something wrong with REX, I never have to activate pitot heat and deicing, whereas with FSreal Wx if you're not paying attention to your weather reports you will find yourself in a situation without an airspeed indicator and ice build up on the wings. And the best part about FSreal WX is that its FREE!!! :)

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Im an Opus devotee. Not only for their continual improvements with their weather engine. But also their customer service is second to none. Stephen and Cheryl from Opus have came to my rescue on many occasions when I needed support. My loyalty is sealed



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OPUS, for sure. However I have found sometimes the sim crashes or locks up when used in conjunction with a few other programs. This could be the fault of the other programs or maybe my computer just doesn't like too much loaded at the same time. But at the moment OPUS is great. I use either REX or Active Sky textures.

John G

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