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Anyone flying with Flightsim Economy addon?

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This addon (free) makes your flying have a purpose...ever wanted to fly for a small charter Company...

You get to fly passengers and cargo between the FSX airports and get paid Virtual dollars for the flights you make.

When you have made enough money, you can buy your own A/craft from FSE. Eventualy you can "OWN" your own fleet of A/c.

There are dozens of F/sim pilots now turning to FSE daily for a more immersive interaction in the Flightsim world and the number of friends you make worldwide will blow you away.

NO this is not a VA......it's an addon.....YOU call the shots, YOU decide where to fly, YOU decide who you want to fly with and where.

Want to know more.....drop me a PM and I can introduce you to it.

I have been promoting ORBX there for a long time now....so I hope the powers that be will allow me to get a little plug in for FSE.

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FSE is a great product and for free even. I have not used it in some time but when I did I was addicted. It's a virtual living breathing world set in FSX (managed on a server somewhere). Planes (by tail number) and FBO's exist in real time and can be owned by players who have the resources to buy and manage them. Aircraft can break down if not maintained and run out of gas. They remain where you leave them until you or someone else jump in and fly them. If you don't own a plane yet, you rent one from an FBO that has a job waiting. If one is not there, you go ferry a plane from the nearest FBO over and pick up your load. You are simply a gun for hire except that you have been checked in all plane types. ::)

You can search for flights by airport (PAX or Cargo), distance and plane type within rage of airports. Jump in and go. Get paid. Get rated. You have a running bank account that earns interest. on and on....

Only thing I add to this is REX Latitude (Checkride app for FSX) that uses real blackbox data from your flight to rate your pilotage for each phase (Take off, climb, enroute, decent, approach and landing, no landing nosewheel first, no hot and high approaches). This way it keeps me honest in the flight (no divebombing runways because I did not allow for a proper descent) and adds consequence to bad technique or decisions. But it's not required to use FSE. Just adds a bit more to the stakes. Makes you care about your time in the sim.

If they could make Latitude effect the financial outcome of FSE flights. Well. That would be the ultimate ZEN.


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