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Various Set (20 Shots)

Eric C

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Thanks a lot guys for the nice comments.

Hmmmm .... I think "da boys" are going to have to pay you a visit ... and remove the "V" key from your keyboard! :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: . #1 for me though! To think most of these are your "rejects"! Darn!

Thanks Adam, haha, I still need my V key for now , so I'll have to keep an eye out for "da boys" in the neighborhood :D
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Fantastic set of randoms Eric !! :)


Thanks Adam.

Really amazing Eric.

Jam that V key and keep them coming.

Thanks a lot Rick. I'll try to keep em coming, but personally I try to strive towards quality over quantity, and not give you 100 different titles but the same looking images for each set. If I ever get to that point please let me know, I won't take it personal :)
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Just unbelievable.. these are some of the very best I have seen!

Thanks my friend. I thought I'd use the various set, instead of making 20 different posts on the same day :D

About the fifth image I like to think like this: there's a big forest fire, all heli's are down and we still don't have an image to post on our newspaper front page. So who do we call? ;)

Haha, thanks TheMan_RJ. Orbx/FTX will definitely keep closing the gap getting closer to reality each and every release.
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What a set sir! I am jealous! Do you use any editing software for these Eric?

Best regards


Thanks Mac, no editing software, just V-key and slight crop to j-peg format. I'm a big fan of variety in my flights, so I love to try to switch up ENB's, palettes, REX dawn, day, and dusk sky textures/weather, time of day, and regions to fly. A lot of it for me is EZCA, because it gives me free control of where I put the camera, and I'm able to take advantage of lighting and shadows using it.
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Must be the latest album of Eric C: The Best Off ... ^-^

All great screenies!

Thanks my friend, I'll probably try to post more sets like this because I always have a couple extra shots hanging around that I forget to post.

the best 20 shots ive seen for a long time my friend!

Thanks my friend, much appreciated!
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