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From FTX Airport to FTX Region, then Default and Mega 2


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Departing Felts on a long flight to Providence RI. A 6+hour flight judiciously shortened by the use of acceleration. I know, I know a purist would never do that but I'm old, see...

The first shot is just after Felts in the magnificent FTX scenery. Complete with milky coloured iced up river.

Posted Image

And from every angle, even a pilot's glimpse the quality of the rugged Rockies remains superb showing the seasonal colours with a muted vengeance.

Posted Image

Crossing the Front Range of the Rockies with a snow covered Great Plains ahead.


A shot near Dickinson ND, where my family and I watched Neil Armstrong walk on the Moon. The local ambiance was perfect for the occasion.


Here the P3D default does a fairly good job on the snow-covered glacial land near the Great Lakes.


But what on earth is this?

I am a fan of Megascenery Earth 2, but here the lack of seasonal textures - the feature that makes the scenery so easy to run - stands out in contrast with the default and FTX regions.

And in this case a special Ian McPhail provided bonus.

I clearly failed to install one of the exe's from a disc, so here a rectangle of default P3D pokes its snow-covered landscape into the superbly accurate MSE rendering of the Upstate NY landscape.

We must fly the MSE landscapes in permanent summer, but in a region that makes a good job of snow cover and beautiful Autumn (Fall to the North Americans) leaves and flowers - and where I am sure FTX will excel in their upcoming release.


Everything in the computer world, as in the real world, needs a modicum of compromise

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​And here out of embarrassment is the missing picture. One well able to be missed but my script is still in the narrative above.

This was taken north of Dickinson ND, remembered in history as the place the McPhail family put up in one of the old style motels (modern for its times), to watch on B&W TV Neil Armstrong walk on the moon.

Posted Image

Bet that brought a tear to your eye. I could make you really cry if I reminded you of the price of hamburgers those days!

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