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AU Blue Moving Map - v1.0


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Marc Freitag and myself are pleased to release our moving map tiles coverage for the AU Blue region.

These map tiles are designed for use with Flight Simulator Moving Map or similar software and cover the following area:

Posted Image

The map is made up of VFR charts and show all default FSX airports in the area. We will be releasing a patch soon to allow the OZx airfields to also be shown on the map.

A bit of history about this project can be found in this topic:


Here is an example of part of the map to show you what it is like:

Posted Image

The map can be downloaded from the link below:

http://www.mthake.com/FTX/map/AU_Blue_Map_1_0.zip (324mb)

Installation instructions can be downloaded here:

http://www.mthake.com/FTX/map/AU_Blue_Map_1.0_Docs.zip (380kb)

If you don't want to download the whole 324mb file straight away, don't fear. A "demo" version of the map just covering Tasmania is avaliable here:

http://www.mthake.com/FTX/map/Tasmania_Demo_Map.zip (19 mb)

We hope you guys find this map useful and enjoy discovering new places using it.


Marc & Tom

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Hats of, many thanks for this!  Also for the clear instructions; I'll definately give it a try.

You think your maps could be made compatible with a full-screen capable moving map (fsmap) ?

Hi Stefan,

it is already 100% compatible with FSMAP. Just put the data into a directory, chose "import" in FSMAP and select all the INI files displayed in the directory you used. I am running it with FSMAP and FSMMM, both works like a charm.

In a few minutes, AU Gold Map and Tasmania Demo Map will be available on Tom's server, so maybe I just stay awake a little longer and give you all the pointers to the files.

Have a lot of fun!


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Thank you both for a fine job, we all appreciate the work that goes into something like this, It's amazing that all person's who work on this great hobby of our's is being done in your ( their) own time.



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