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2WA1 and WA45 - First Preview (Part 2)

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Thank you very much for your nice comments :). We are very excited about Diamond, the W45 - 2WA1 - 0S9 triangle is just a wonderful place to fly. Then further over the Olympic mountain range to Cushman... Difficult to leave the cockpit :D

Right now Andreas added more of his beautiful objects - i am busy with gardening. The pics below show vegetation level 3 (the highest and almost done). Actually i am surprised how good it runs with this level of detail, pretty sure that many can enable this stage.

Next task will be the night lightening for the airfield area, some terrain work and then finally the seasons. Of course i can't give an official release date, but prepay should be available very soon.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Thank you very much :) !

Olympic Field will be included as free addition to Diamond Point - our way to say thanks to our customers. The whole area is very FPS friendly, no big city nearby and lots of water keeps the autogen load low.

All buildings for the Diamond Point town are hand-placed models - even when you don't run extremely dense autogen you won't see any nasty gaps. We will add many control panel options for you to set up the two airfields perfectly for your system. For example 3 levels of PeopleFlow, 3 levels of vegetation, switchable static aircraft and other detail, ect.

I'll post more updates soon.

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Thanks again for your nice comments :).

Looks just... real.

Look at that amount of 3D grass! And you're saying it's not finished :blink: ?

BTW, what wave animation do you use?

Well, you know... it's never finished :D. But at a certain point you have to stop to keep acceptable performance. But no worries, with our many control panel options your are able to adjust the detail level perfectly according to your PC performance.

I am using the REX 'Sparkling' wave animation together with the FSWC (free water shader configurator) 'calm ocean' preset. The day sky texture is REX 'Reality' together with Cumulus 03 and Cirrus 21 clouds at 1024 resolution.

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