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[EXPLAINED] Missing Cairns AutoGen Scenery


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Hi all, first post and let me say being a pom I wasn't that fussed getting AU scenery, but I am very glad I did, its absolutely amazing so thanks for that. I am having a bit of an issue though. I downloaded Cairns and although it looks great I seem to be missing all the auto gen scenery, even with my sliders all the way up on very dense?? Any ideas why? It loads all the airport scenery and the large shopping malls and factories in the town, but none of the small houses or trees. I use FTX Europe do I need somthing similiar for the AU scenery before I can see this? Thanks in advance.

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Hello, welcome to the forums

Think of the FTX region packs as the cake, and the FTX airports as the cherry on top,

while our airports still work without the region pack you will be missing out on some things like the custom autogen, traffic, roads, and just the general blending into the surrounding environment as the airport photo-real is colored and blended to fit like a glove into the area

So to really get the most out of Cairns I highly recommend you grab either the AU Green region ...or... The complete Australia package on DVD/Download http://fullterrain.com/product_ausp3dvd.html

I guarantee you wont be disappointed ;D



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