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Happy Birthday Ken Q

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Gentlemen, thank you all for your good wishes.  It is greatly appreciated.


We did our "celebrating" on Tuesday, the day before.  My wife had one of her frequent eye doctor appointments.  Across the street from the doctor's office is the remains of the old Mitchel Field Air Force base.  The base, long gone, has been divided up: part is Hofstra University, and the Nassau Colosseum.  But remnants of the old base remain.  Part of the hangar line is the Cradle of Aviation Museum.  A friend and former colleague is a supervisor there, so while the wife was at the Dr. I had a nice visit.  After her appointment we then went to the Navy Exchange and the DOD Commissary which are on the old base.  Then the highlight of the day, lunch!


Because of several universities and hi tech businesses in the area has attracted a large number of Chinese ex-pats,which has lead to the opening if some really fine real Chinese restaurants.  So that's what we did!  A wonderful lunch at a new Sichuan establishment. A great day.


Yesterday we just kicked back and relaxed.


So thanks again for your good wishes, and be assured I did enjoy my day, albeit a day early.



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