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New Kitfox pack great in Orbx

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The new Parallel 42 Kitfox pack is out. I got mine for half price (US 15.00) on the MSFS Marketplace. Orbx has it too. There are six variations of the plane, from low and slow to hot rod, and 33 liveries. I've just flown mine down the Columbia River Gorge and love it. Really lets you enjoy the scenery.  Bush fliers are well served.

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Hi Roger,


This is a sore point, it's not showing the updated one in Orbx and they have had the update for over a week now but seeiming ly cannot' for technical' reasons release it. Very poor performance from Orbx, everyone else has this released. 


So I just looked now and still not available from Orbx.

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2 hours ago, wain71 said:

so it's a completely new product?....I'm a little confused I thought it was an upgrade of the original...I currently HAVE fox2 COMPLETE PACK....

I'm confused too, Wayne. All I can say is that when I bought it, there was no note that I already had it. It shows as a livery for a Kit Fox, not as livery for the Freedom Fox. Maybe I had it and just didn't know where to see it. But the publicity says new.  ???

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IT's an update, see the general discussion forum. The issue is that although Orbx have the code they have some problem that is stopping release on their platform. They say it will be soon.

Soon means:-

Automotive soon (for the small but vital part in your car repair)                    3months

National Health service soon (for UK patrons)                                                5 years

Government Soon                                                                                              between 3months and 10 years

Plumber / Electrician Soon                                                                                 6weeks to 3 months or never

Builders soon                                                                                                      18months to 3 years

Civil Service Soon (as distict from Government)                                              9 years and 9.5 Months approx/ notwithstanding any change of government

Orbx Soon                                                                                                          1 day to 3 weeks or maybe never


Oh dear, I'm being cynical again........

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