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Introducing F62 Hayfork California coming soon to Microsoft Flight Simulator!

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Join us in welcoming a new indie developer, The Attic Flyer Studio, to the Orbx group! 

A little bit about TAF Studio:
TAF Studio is a small indie developer from the Netherlands, They've been into scenery development since the release of MSFS 2020 and have been working on various freeware sceneries, recently expanded into payware sceneries, and teamed up with us at Orbx to help bring these great products to you all. The first destination is F62 Hayfork California.


From the developer:
"I found Hayfork while on a little MSFS trip from one of my freeware sceneries, I took a short stop at Hayfork airport and saw it could use a lot of improvements and after finding a funny text on top of the nearby fire watch tower I decided to start working on the airport and its surroundings."

More about F62 Hayfork:

Hayfork is a small town located in a mountain valley in northern California. Hayfork airport is located right in the center of the town so beware of the neighbors after takeoff and before landing! The airport is quite small regarding parking and facilities, but with a surprisingly long runway, you can land a big range of planes here.


Hayfork also has the aptly named Mountain Valley raceway, a Small dirt race track where you can take out your favorite offroad vehicles for some laps and jumps. If that isn't enough offroad fun for you, you can follow the signs pointing you up to Hayfork Bally's lookout! for a roughly 30-minute uphill offroad drive up to the top of Hayfork Bally. 


Speaking of the Hayfork bally look out! On the lookout, you will find a very short bush strip of only 295ft, combined with an elevation of 6260ft, and the location on the mountain's peak means that you need to get your best STOL skills and planes prepared for a successful landing.


You can also find another bush spot a few miles east of the Hayfork Bally lookout with an even more challenging runway. 250ft uphill with cliffs on all sides and no option for go-arounds. luckily there is also a little more forgiving option available on the top of the mountain ridge in case this one is a bit too much for you.


At a glance:

  • Hayfork airport F62
  • 2 bush spots with 3 short landing strips
  • Functional hangar door at Hayfork Airport
  • Custom airport charts for Hayfork Airport and Hayfork Bally Bush Strip
  • 3D tiedown points at Hayfork Airport
  • Mountain Valley Raceway for the juice goose
  • A 30-minute juice goose drive up to Hayfork Bally
  • Functional airport gate for the juice goose
  • Fully custom 3d buildings modeled after real-life buildings
  • Custom trees and vegetation for improved immersion
  • Animated objects add extra life to the scenery
  • Developed by TAF studio



































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