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I won a free Copy of AuGOLD


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As you may know I posted the First Community Video of AUBLUE called Flying in a Blue Dream http://orbxsystems.com/forums/index.php?topic=1439.0, and as a reward I won a Free Complementary Copy of AU GOLD. Well I received AUGOLD last night and I have only had a small chance to experience it so far, but I think I can safely say it is awesome.

Ok, ok...... so I wanted to do another video. Here is another quick edit.

Fields of Gold


This is a flight from Coffs Harbour (YSCH) then a flying North to Amberley (YAMB) Military Base, Australia.

The Scenery I am using is the just released Scenery pack from ORBX called AU GOLD. Find out more here at: http://fullterrain.com/

The aircraft I am using is the SIAI-Marchetti SF260 from Real Air Simulations:


The Music we are listening to is Fields of Gold by Sting and Head up in the Clouds by Powderfinger.

The computer I am using is a Pentium 4 3.2gig HT, 1gig of ram. Nvidia 256mg 7600GS.

Please excuse the length of the video, I wanted to make a 5 minute movie, but I had trouble cutting it down to under 10 minutes. So much to show. :)

So thank you Orbx - John Venema, and Adrian at the http://www.flightsimstore.com/product_info.php?manufacturers_id=92&products_id=639 Flight Sim Store.

Thank you so much.

Oh..... and I hope you enjoy the video.


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