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Library not allowed

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I have had to re instal Orbx Central and it searches for the library. It finds it in "C:\ Orbx Library ". It then tells me  ,  " In order to avoid unexpected issues ....Etc." : and gives the blue button to change the location.

The 'next" button does not advance. I have no way of opening the existing library as above. ( It has 36 entries ) Another note says that the Library is not empty and asks me to change it. 

This leads me in a circle.

 Any clues appreciated.







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could you have installed a simulator into C:\?

To resolve the "empty folder" problem, close Orbx Central.
Rename C:\Orbx Library to Orbx LibraryX,
then create a new and empty C:\Orbx Library folder.
Create your new library, if Orbx Central will let you.
Close Orbx Central.
Then delete your new Orbx Library folder and rename the original back to Orbx Library.
Restart Orbx Central and you will have your new library.

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Good morning Nick,

I have attached the screen shots of the only parts of P3D in the Program Flies. The main P3D program is separate under the "C" drive.

I have tried several iterations of changing the folder name or creating a new folder, even on the desktop, but still have the same red flags. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Orbx Central also with the same results.

Central has worked fine for me since it first came out. This only occurred after an unexpected meltdown and reinstallation of P3D, ... in the same place as the original install.

( Hope you like the shot of me getting into real spirit of our hobby ! )

Thanks for your reply 



Perth Western Australia







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Hello Les,
I think that you must have installed P3D directly into the C drive, as that is what Orbx Central is finding.
One solution, if you have more than one drive, is to move the whole library folder to that drive, where it will still
work but not be inside the simulator folder.
Nice picture. :)

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Thanks Nick,

More screen shots of the location of P3D. This is where I have installed it since day one , not in the "Program Files" folder . In other words  C:\ Lockheed Martin

This has always been OK.

I am in the process of copying the files from the "Library" folder to my NAS, completely away from the Sim computer and then deleting the Orbx Library folder and creating a new empty one. If it accepts this new one I will then download from Orbx to this folder. ( Or just transfer the products back from the NAS drive.)




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