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:) Maggie is now 3 days away from Giving birth to 12 beautiful  labrador puppies. - yep thats what I said 12. My wife had her to the vet this morning for her    Xray, and as far as she can tell, Maggie is carrying 12 puppies due sometime between tomorrow Sunday  and  Tuesday so counting down. My wife of course is delighted, not so much about the number, she  hoping for about six or eight a more manageable number. ME, all I can see is a lot off sleepless nights ahead. Not my doing, but I guess I'm in for the ride. :rolleyes: Wish me luck.



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15 hours ago, John Heaton said:

sheesh !! - Don - I feal good being Grandad to 12 off springs - but not sure how you will feel after 12 all at once:o:blink::D


I can se a big fight coming with only 8 able to chomp down at once


Take your mind off windows folder probs for a while anyways;)


That is about the ONLY consolation. My wife has been carting me around all weekend so far getting things she needs/forgot to get, and quite frankly, I'm knackered and it hasn't really started yet.

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16 hours ago, boetie said:

Buckle up Don! Hope you've got plenty of reinforcements to share the load. Good luck to Maggie and the extended family. 


Graeme :)



Thanks mate, Max (Daddy) is getting really toey, running around growling and whining, think he knows what's about to happen. 😄

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6 hours ago, gumbypickett said:

They will be so cute Don.

Looking forward to seeing pics

when they are born.

I may even flip the lid of one for you.

But just for you.:D




Well thank you mate, very nice. And you will see pics, not very pretty when they are new born, but as they develop and get fluffy, yeah pics.😄

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