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Some more ENGM Oslo previews!

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2 hours ago, greybeard said:

Can you tell me please, if the train is just static or does it indeed move and

give us cause to celebrate ?  🙂




The one in the station is static but there is another that is animated going into the tunnel under the apron.




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Thanks Ed, you have made my day. Nice to get good news after all the wind & water

we have been getting across the ditch. NZAA has shut up shop again with 80k plus

wind gusts. Air Latim spent over an hour circling at 10,000ft over Auck. before going back to 

Sydney. A couple of others have been half across the Tasman and turned back to Melbourne & Sydney.

I try to flight sim to take my mind off the situation.

Thanks again Ed.



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46 minutes ago, Finni Hansen said:


Unfortunately not. We are looking into a XP12 conversion though, as well as XBOX

I hope that this will change and P3D will be considered/made! Really looking forward to a good Oslo version!



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