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Introducing Volanta 1.4 - mobile app, updated schedule source and stream overlay

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The Volanta team has been hard at work cooking up some brand new features, primarily based on community feedback. Today, we’re pleased to give you a first preview of what we’ve been working on.


Stay connected on the move: Volanta Mobile for iOS and Android

Our most requested feature. After many months of development, we’re proud to unveil our new Volanta Mobile app, coming soon for Volanta Premium users. 




Monitor your flight from takeoff to landing, even when you’re away from your PC. Active flight statistics like altitude, ground speed, remaining time are all easily accessible. Noticed you’re off course? With Remote Pause on XP, P3D and FSX, you can instantly freeze your flight - ready for you to resume control when you’re back at your PC.




Featuring the same buttery smooth feature-rich map you’ve come to enjoy on your desktop, the Volanta Mobile app acts as a natural extension of Volanta on the go.





View traffic from Volanta and your favourite online networks like VATSIM and IVAO from anywhere. See which airports are popular, ready for your flight. Use Volanta Mobile on your tablet (or phone) acting as another monitor. Use it to see where you are at the airport, see taxiway labels, and gate information. A true companion for your flights.


This first version of Volanta Mobile lays the groundwork for more features. Let us know what you want to see in the app.


When Volanta 1.4 launches, you’ll find the mobile app on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Not Premium? You can still access our mobile website anytime at fly.volanta.app.


FlightAware powering fresh monthly-updated schedules


We are pleased to announce our Real-World Schedules feature is now powered by an industry leader: FlightAware. This brings higher quality data, at more airports around the world.


The improved data source powering this allows us to ensure the accuracy of schedule data, which is important as real-world airlines adapt their schedules to changing conditions.


A further benefit of the FlightAware data source, is that we now have more reliable data on the type of aircraft used on that flight. Seeing “Unk AC” will be much less common now!


Look for the updated flight information under “Schedules” when Volanta 1.4 launches.


Upgrade your stream with Stream Overlay




Create a more unique stream with a dynamically updating overlay powered by Volanta. Easy to use and easy to customise. Perfect for anyone getting started with streaming on Twitch, YouTube or any other live streaming platform.


Stream Overlay shows information straight from your simulator, such as origin, destination, callsign, ETA, ground speed, vertical speed, heading and altitude. When combined with Volanta’s Intelligent Tracking and easy SimBrief imports, the Stream Overlay takes no extra effort to give your viewers extra information to improve their viewing experience.


Volanta Premium users are able to further customise the Steam Overlay to match their online brand. We plan to add more layouts to our overlay post-launch.




Once Volanta 1.4 launches, send us a link to your stream with the Stream Overlay and we might feature you on our social channels!


More features for every flight

In addition to the major new features we’re adding, we also have a few other features up our sleeves for 1.4.


The built-in roster system introduced in Volanta 1.2 has been expanded to also allow scheduling flights outside of the Real-World Schedule system. This means you can plan your upcoming day’s flights all within Volanta, just by entering the origin and destination. You could also use this to plan out a world tour and complete each flight within Volanta!


Improvements to our Discord integration show the simulator you’re flying, as well as more information about your flight, and an easy button to view your flight on the Volanta website.




Other changes coming in v1.4 include comprehensive documentation, as well as other usability improvements like being able to disable the “plugin install” prompts.


This isn’t all though. We’re working on a few other features that we hope to include before launch. Stay tuned for a launch very soon!


The Volanta Team


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