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announcement October 2022 Screenshot contest! Prize? Any Orbx product of your choice!

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Now then chaps back to a normal contest this month.


One entry per forum member.

2. You can submit edits whatever you like.

3. The shot must be using an Orbx region or Orbx Airport  or Partner product only available from Orbx Central no restrictions on aircraft.

4. Please only submit your screenshot via a reply to this topic ,

5 Any no screenshot post ie comments will be deleted.

6. Entries close on the 31st of OCTOBER 12 midnight GMT.

7. You can not vote for your own shot.

8.Winners will be chosen by a poll by you the members who have entered the contest.

9.When the contest closes on the 31ST of this month everyone that has entered a shot will have one vote each to choose the winner of the contest, i will open the voting soon after the contest closes.You will then have six days to cast your vote until the 6th of November 2022.

10. The winner must have an OrbxDirect account to claim your prize.

11.No comments from  other forum members please on other members entries.

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16 minutes ago, Aussie123 said:

I always want to enter the screenshot competition but with a screen, 19 feet wide, the only way I can do it is to take an image, with another camera.

So, here is a screenshot of Orbx's Canberra YSCB, on P3d V5.3HF2 on Australia V2. The foreground of the screenshot, is home built B737-800W. :) I can't see how it doesn't fit the criteria? :)

Sorry but maybe it's because it's a small video clip and not a screenshot it doesn't comply with the Screenshot completion rules.

Please feel free to enter a screenshot in the completion if you want to.



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