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Help me decide which shading to use


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Hello, everyone, help me decide which shading I should use. This is compare image, similar to the ones on Orbx website:




All images contain Chaseplane camera add-on, btw. Also the difference is not big, because in both images there is Pascal sky textures, also Reshade INIBuilds SC Temperate profile. 


For a personal difference, here's the two images that helped me create this comparing:

Tomato Shade:



Toga Projects Envshade:



Please, help me decide what shading to use. I want to upgrade to P3D v5, I am still on v4 just because of tomato shade. 


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At first glance between the 2 shots they look like they are at different times of the day.

The hills in the distance on the left are more visible in Tomato & the sun can be seen in the sky.

On the Envshade the sun is gone,although there is still some reflection on the tarmac,& the hills in the distance are all in darkness.

If they are both suposed to be taken at the same time of day then I'd have to go with the Tomato.

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Thank guys. Seems that everyone like more the tomato shade. Both images are taken in 6 am in the morning at Hong Kong during sunrise. Some people like the shadows on the second image. 

Anyway, this comparing I do because I might take soon Prepar3D v5. This is poll I created for should I remain on my current sim [ P3D v4.5 HF3] or buy the new version. Unfortunate is that Tomato Shade does not work in v5, so obviously I will remain on v4. 

Thank you all. 

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