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Flying in Norway


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A short flight from Molde to Trondheim :).


Orbx ENML Molde Airport and partners - Blackbird Simulations 310R and Aerosoft ENVA Trondheim Airport in MSFS.

Excellent aircraft and airports. Lots of detail.


A little over 100 miles apart, both airports are close to the Norwegian Sea



Making sure that everything is ok with the Cessna. Nice tail on my neighbour :).



A few passengers ready to depart. All very smart.



But not too busy in the terminal



A nice view of Molde



Someone is flying the flag for Orbx :D



Finally, we are on our way



Weather changed a bit partway through the journey (live weather)



Coming in to land at Trondheim



Quite a large airport. Third or fourth largest in Norway depending upon where you look



ATC kindly directed me to Gate 27. I am in the right place for arrivals



Quite a few people in the terminal waiting to fly



I can't take any more - four passengers already :unsure::D



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14 minutes ago, Caluma65 said:

Terrific shots Paul of the country that is right at the top of my bucket list.  Cheers,




Thanks Calum. Indeed, Norway is a beautiful country :).

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8 hours ago, bernd1151 said:

Terrific shots, Paul. And now I know where Norwegian got their livery from. It was you in your Cessna :):)


Many thanks Bernd. Good spot, it hadn't registered with me. I just used a livery that I like! :D

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4 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

Paul, I forgot to ask, in the first shot, is this Little Nav Map?  If so, any problems with it because I have yet to install it.  


Hi Jack, I am using PlanG. I dont really know how it compares to LittleMap, but it meets my needs :).

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2 hours ago, Sniper31 said:

What a very nice and scenic set of Norwegian images Paul, and with a nice flight route map to go with all these :) 


Thank you kindly Landon. It is so nice to take photos in Norway :)

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3 hours ago, VH-KDK said:

A marvellous series of caps Paul.

There is not much time for flying these days after taking a look around the terminals!

I like the colours on your 310 as well.


Many thanks Martyn :). I too find that, when I purchase a new airport, my first few 'flights' seem to be about exploring the ground airport detail!

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