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Bendigo Airport


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Thanks so much to Impulse Simulations for the release of my home town airport YBDG Bendigo Victoria Australia. I now have all your airports for MSFS - Shepperton, Coffs, Adelaide and Bankstown. Truly wonderful.

I was reflecting that for YBDG we went from boiled lollies to chocolates. In the first few MSFS versions the airport wasn't included (due to cloud coverage on BING), now here we are with a wonderful rendition and even a couple of our buildings in town.

For those who don't know, Bendigo has the richest deposit of deep gold deposits in the world. They only slowed production because it is hard to get to. Most large cities in southern Australia are established on rivers. But not Bendigo, Ballarat and Kalgoorlie - why - because they have all been founded on gold.

It's weird when the model is so close to home. Even the Daikin AC's on the main terminal building - a mate of mine services those!.

Thanks again to Impulse Simulations - keep it up. My cheeky list from here would be -  Mildura YMIA,   Albury YMAY, Dubbo YSDU, Tamworth YSTW and Esperance YESP. All have a nice mix of GA and commercial links. And for something a bit different  Mount Hotham YHOT Exciting short flight form Shepperton and Asobo's Mount Beauty.

Thanks again

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