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YMMB Moorabbin Airport Product

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Re: Installation of YMMB Moorabbin Airport Product purchased

I recently purchased the YMMB Moorabbin Airport product from Orbx – Direct. Transaction ID / Receipt 62ac149f5a211 refers. I have created an account in Home - Orbx to which I can log in. 

I open up my account and can see the YMMB Moorabin Airport product there.

As per Orbx instructions, I click on the ‘Downloaded via Orbx Central button’ (Loading libraries and Products) and then click on the INSTALL Option. I then select the Microsoft Flight Simulator folder button and get this error msg. 

ERROR: This product cannot be installed into the currently selected simulator.

Please select a simulator this product supports and try again.

Question: Can this product that I have purchased be Installed onto my PC Computer running Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 or should I go for a refund?

It would be preferable if I could Install the product to my PC Computer running Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 as I spent many years working at Moorabbin Airport.

Regards Purchaser


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Hi Graham


There's an adequate freeware version here:  https://flightsim.to/file/30367/ymmb-moorabbin-airport-vic


I seem to remember I uninstalled it quite a while back because at that time the Melbourne area was having problems and I didn't know if it was affecting other sceneries.  I think most of the underlying problems with the Melbourne area have been resolved now so it's probably the best you'll get until a good payware YMMB is developed.


You could put your refund towards YMEN if you don't have it, it's an outstandingly detailed release from the boys at Orbx HQ.

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