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Orbx Global Buildings for MSFS - PLEASE!

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Hello Orbx.


Today im here with a request. Not only by me but im sure by many. Where a big amount of them just dont know it jet.


The problem is one that hunts MSFS pilots in their dreams, where you will find + 700 thousand entries on google, where every forum or discord is pflastered with questions and rants about this issue. And where you could find customers 100%.


Im talking about the issue that Asobo doesnt find too interesting, seemingly. Because this problem appeard early last year and collected many thousands of posts from angry users, like mentioned: Photogrammetry and the impact its having on the sim.


The problem is that every single city that is installed, causes the performance to decrease, even when its in the opposite of the world to where one is flying atm. Ill link a few Topics about this, with many many posts. And we are really getting frustrated. It cannot be that there is 2/3 less performance when these cities are installed. And the problem when one is turing it off is that the areas that are covered with PG has very bad quality of autogen. Worse than P3D even in some cases. 

This isnt my pic but if i would do it, it would show the same. It shows exactly the issue.



To "fix" this, of course your products like Singapore City are doing an immense job. But also these can have heavy impact. For example, i cannot fly to WSSS with the payware airport and city installed, in planes like the Fenix, without decreasing LOD by far, what sadly turns the terrain into a blurry mess on higher alts.


Imo the best middleground would be something like Orbx Global Buildings. Ive used it in P3D and would love to have it here too... So i (and many others) can simply delete that Photogrammetry option out of our brains. Its so bad.

Please give us an improvement of autogens, especially in places where usually is photogrammetry is available.

RTX 2080
32 GB Ram


Poor performance on the ground - Bug Reports / Install, Performance & Graphics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums








PS: I know, some of you sit behind the keyboard and want to open a post where they want to say "but i have no issues with PG. It has to be you". Please, dont do it.... Its wasted time ^^ I wont respond to it. This problem is so far spread, there is no discussion anymore at this point.

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For me photogrammetry is one of the best features of MSFS. Without it MSFS would just look like XP11 with photoreal scenery.

So for me photogrammetry is an absolute must have.

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There clearly is some bug involved. There was no issue with WU PG cities until the first SU9 beta started. This nearly halved ground performance on my standard testbed KSFO on ramp, where I was always proud of my performance over previous simulators. Performance goes up as soon as you leave the runway and are up in the air.


The official forum is full of discussion on this. I made a topic on this in the official beta forum myself as early as on April 3 which was later marked "bug-logged" which I take as official acknowledgement it's a bug.


Unfortunately there was no further confirmation or action from MS since and SU9 was released as it was.


I agree to @wolfko Phtogrammetry is one of the key features of the sim and it just should work. But even worse, newcomers or just users not visiting any fora (probably the majority) accuse MSFS of bad performance while it actually shows excellent performance given its visuals but just has a - hopefully recoverable - bug.


Kind regards, Michael

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Photogrammetry is pretty bad for me but I figured it was probably because I'm on 50Mbps NBN in Australia. Flying around any PG city is just a sea of geometry for me unfortunately so I have to switch it off or consider upgrading my internet connection. 

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I sometimes disable PG but I don't think the default autogen is bad.

The difference in terrain mesh is very obvious though, since that is also part of the PG.

Just watch the difference between on and off in Beverly Hills for instance.

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I always turn off PG because I hate the blurred, distorted look of the textures and geometry, and I think that the MSFS autogen is far superior to any other simulator, in that it correctly recreates building shapes, roof and sometimes even facade colors, something that can be achieved in P3D only by great but expensive products like the True Earth regions and you get that globally and out of the box in MSFS. Of course the variety could be improved but even as it is IMHO the autogen is the best of its kind. 

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