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announcement IndiaFoxtEcho SU-31 1.0.2 update

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Hi all, an update for the IndiaFoxtEcho SU-31 is now available on Orbx Central.



- fixed minor glitch in the animation of the ailerons, causing them not to be perfectly aligned to the wing at rest in VC
- fixed scaling issue in the elevator geometry when viewed from the cockpit
- revised CG limits for the Weight And Balance interface
- lowered volume of mechanical sound effects inside the cockpit (user request)
- vastly increased volume of engine sounds at high RPM (user request)
- minor tweaks to fuselage dynamic parameters
- redone all thumbnails
- slight reduction in drag coefficient
- added missing special effects reference node in VC model
- fixed electrical systems needles (now reports bus voltage)
- fuel selector is now set to WING TANK upon loading the aircraft
- increased polycount of rear fuselage section in virtual cockpit

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