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Why are there fewer and fewer new sceneries coming?

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I remember in the past there are new sceneries coming every week. This site, especially the preview subforum is such a joy to browse, full of expectation and pleasant surprise.

Now the pace of development seems to be much slower. Why? Is it more difficult to develop things for MSFS, or are there any other reasons? 

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Depends how long ago but even at the start of MSFS, a lot of sceneries were brought over from P3D, so as the airports already existed, they didn't take as long, now developers are building from the ground up. Also a lot of the new developers started in COVID/lockdowns and as the world has opened up, these devs are not able to spend the same amount of time as they once could 

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In browsing the sale at the Market Place , the amount of new scenery has increased 10 fold and then throw in all the excellent freeware over at TO ; I have to disagree with your observation .


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