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Just three

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22 hours ago, BradB said:

And here I was hoping Spring was here , thanks Adam . :ph34r::angry::D

Anytime John. :D


20 hours ago, boetie said:

A bit gloomy Adam? I've seen better days to goose around. Great set none the less.


Graeme :)

Thank you Graeme. :D


17 hours ago, Sniper31 said:

Great immersive and atmospheric shots Adam!



Thank you Landon. :)


15 hours ago, flyingleaf said:

Great trio Adam. But now I'm freezing and need a hot Rum Toddy.:P:D

I caught the grip doing these shots Karl. :D

Thank you.  :)


14 hours ago, lifejogger said:

Very nice Adam!!!!!!!!   Looks cold.

Very cold John. :D


13 hours ago, jean marc said:

+1 - I really love the 1st one :) c'est du grand art !

What's wrong with the rest of them Jean Marc. :D


13 hours ago, paulk said:

I have turned the heating up after looking at your screenshots - great images.

Thank you Paul. :D

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33 minutes ago, gumbypickett said:

Top shots Adam.

Very colourful.:D



I would say it about covers the whole color spectrum Gumby. :D

Thank you.  :)


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