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OpenXR Toolkit Companion with Fixed Foveated Rendering

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Just a heads up for those with VR headsets and those who might be considering the move


The latest version of OpenXR Toolkit Companion with Fixed Foveated Rendering is a game changer.  With just the Microsoft Mixed Reality Portal as originally released, my VR in many cities was either very lo res or down around 12-15 fps, which defeated the purpose of trying to get extra immersion.


Now I just completed a tour of Canberra in live weather (lots of rain and clouds today) and it was smooth as silk the whole flight.  


If you have VR and haven't tried it, go get it.  If you have a pc with similar specs to mine or better, but haven't got into VR, now might be the time!

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This tool does wonders beyond FFR. It also allows several more performance (AA-related) settings, color adaptation, experimental hand tracking (i.e. pressing buttons on the virtual cockpit using skeleton animated hands) if you have the hardware, and more.


The only disadvantage, FFR is limited to RTX and GTX1600 cards, thus my - otherwise quite capable - GTX1080Ti is out. But this is a limitation of FFR itself not of the tool.


The authors (one of the main coders is a Microsoft employee working on Open XR on daytime, the other one is the author of the well-known RXP) can't be thanked enough.


Kind regards, Michael

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13 hours ago, donbrindles said:

Hi John. Do you use Oculus debug tool or Tray tool with Open XR Toolkit, or are they not necessary?




I have the HP Reverb G2 so I can't comment on Oculus stuff sorry


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