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787 Immersion

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Hi Eduardo


You could also ask the developer linked below.


This product has been produced by //42. For //42 product support, please to go https://help.parallel42.com/


There is also this from the product page.


Volumetric lighting

For 737 Immersion V2, we rebuilt volumetric lighting from the ground up. From the FMC, you're able to switch between the original lighting package and LEDs. Some carriers are adding Pulse technology to their aircraft for increased visibility; you can now select w/Pulse as we've rendered that effect as well. Our volumetric lighting is far more realistic and precise than ever before; we can't wait for you to fly through dense clouds with our landing lights on. Your night flights will take on a new life, especially in bad weather!


Volumetric lighting

Volumetric lighting is one of the most realistic effects in 787 Immersion. Seen both from inside the flight deck and out, it is the most sought-after effect. Volumetric lighting, as its name implies, adds volumetric effects in low visibility conditions to all-important exterior lights. As an example, volumetric lighting from the landing lights will redefine the way you fly in a CATI, II or III approach.

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