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Lightning Strike Recovery Woes - P3Dv3 > P3Dv5


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Back 5 months ago I experienced a massive lightning strike (motherboard, CPU, some HDD, and SDD). After a few months of trying to repair it to no avail, I finally purchased a new machine. I have finally managed to recover most of my files. I have reinstalled P3Dv3 and am slowly reinstalling all my Orbx sceneries (the hard drive that held Orbx files was a victim of the strike). I have P3Dv5.3 waiting in the wings to be installed. The reason for v3 is I understand Orbx Central may not recognize my previous v3 purchases if v3 is not on the machine and I would have to repurchase all my old sceneries once more for v5.

Will Orbx Central allow me to install directly to v5 instead of copying from the v3 installation? I don't plan on using v3 after I install v5.





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