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answered Volanta.. is it really necessary?

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Just installed the Volanta app try it out and upon booting up my sim after installation (without Volanta active) P3D asked me if I wanted to enable a Volanta addon in my sim, which of course I said yes...although for a plane tracking app found very weird. 


Now little did I know it was adding something to my sim.


Why on Earth does Volanta need to add its own Logo to my simulator as a simobject? 


Really? Playing with everyones sim just to insert your logo into everyones sim? 


Is that really needed? What feature does the logo in the sim add please that means the logo should remain as a simobject in the simulator? 


Where is it shown? 


It really just seems like faff for people and creating problems for no reason. 


I hope you can help, many thanks. 

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