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active Black sided buildings

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I am getting "black sided buildings" near Randolph AFB. When I get further away from the airport everything seems fine though.
I already resynced the sim and verified Buildings HD. Global Base, Vector, OpenLC NA is installed. I also use Envshade and Envtex.

Many thanks in advance for any advice on this issue!


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Hmmm, not seeing it myself, (I'm on 4.5), although I do have Buildings HD, Global Base, Vector, OpenLC NA.



I used to see a lot of black buildings till I set the value below (default is 1000.000000) which I believe does apply to v5 as well.





Perhaps they have not loaded due to the small default sizing ? and the proximity of other gfx items ?


Or that yes there are issues with the textures in the installer, which wouldn't be a first time...


This is what I see.




And the area is as per the map.


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I wrote this before I saw the above answer come in. that also is an entry that will fix it.

If it is a texture loading issue and not an addon issue, try checking your P3D.cfg file for an entry that pertains to texture loading, if its set to low, then textures wont load off into the distance. 

All of these settings below are from my cfg file, which I increased the values of from default: 


you could try adding these values in the cfg file as I dont have this issue so it isnt the installer: 




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Thank you for all the quick answers!

It is a fresh P3Dv5 installation, newest hotfix. So I guess I am gonna wait for @Ed Correia to comment on this, especially since @Nick Cooper is seeing the same issues.
I continued to do some tests and found another "batch" of those buildings when flying around... and that one was not in direct vicinity to an airport.

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